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24/7 Jacksonville Bail Bonds are the leader in taking care of your bail needs. Don’t hesitate to call today our bondsman are some of the friendliest in the business and will help you as fast as possible.

We are experts at understanding the bail process in Florida and have countless cases handled.

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Why Choose Our Bail Services?

  • Fast service - get posted in no time
  • Reliable - we make sure you get posted for the money
  • Affordable - we offer competitive bond rates
  • Friendly - this is a hard situation to be in, and we work with you to make it better
Jasper Jennings Store Clerk

I found myself in a bind after having a little too much fun on New Years - it turns out you're not supposed to dance around in a major intersection for 15 minutes holding sparklers and blowing a whistle... 24/7 Jacksonville Bail Bonds had me out by the next morning after a friend took care of my bail.

What you should consider before hiring a bail bond company

1. Be certain you are only working with a bail bondsman who is licensed. You can ask to see their license and ID before exchanging any money.

2. Legal rates charged for bail should not exceed 15% or $50 minimum per bond plus filing, booking & bonding fees required by the court and or detention facility. If the bail bondsman charges any additional fees, make sure you have them explain the costs.

3. Get a receipt for you charges! Posting bail is no different than making any other purchase.

4. Ask for copies of all contracts, documents and paperwork.

5. If the bail bonds company offers financing, be sure to read through the terms of financing very carefully, and retain copies of the paperwork.

6. Ask the bail agent that he/she will be available for questions and further assistance after bail has been posted. In case anything else comes up you want to be able to have the agent as a resource for help if you need it.

7. This situation is a difficult one, and it helps to find a bail company that treats you with respect and patience. It is a service business at the end of the day, so you should work with a company that values your business and selection.

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