Surety Bonds & Different Release Types

Surety Bond

Surety bonds make it possible for a bond to be posted by bail bond agents who are licensed and insured. Such agent charges a percentage of the bond, which is non refundable and non transferrable in most cases. You can consider this a form of insurance that guarantees that the person charged with the crime will appear in court on the day of the trial. In most cases, the bail bond agent will require the defendant to sign an indemnity agreement, along with the signature of a family member, co-worker or other person close to the situation. This agreement is to ensure that the person shows up on the day of their trial.

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Once a person fills out the initial application and pays the fee, we will happily put up the rest of the bail bond amount. For example, if the bail bond is $10,000 and we are charging 10 percent, the indemnitor pays $1,000, which we will hold as insurance.

If the defendant does not honor the bond and show up to court, we retain the right to use bounty hunters to bring them into court.

P.R. – Release On Personal Recognizance

With this type of bail bond, the person is released with the understanding that they must show up to court. These bonds are usually reserved for people whose charges are non violent or if they have no prior criminal record.

Walk Through Bond

In this situation, a person is arrested and needs to be bailed out from behind bars. We can help you out if the authorities have put a warrant out for your arrest. By securing a walk through bond from our professionals, we will be able to make arrangements that will allow you to get in and out without having to undergo any sort of jail time whatsoever. The type of bail bond you will receive from us will depend on the terms of your particular situation, so get in touch right away so we can discuss the details of your specific case.

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